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    “...We firmly believe our child is cared for as if they were one of their own children and are continually...”
    Sushma Sharma

    All in one best play school
    "Best Montessori play school in south Delhi Teachers are very caring. Children wants to go to school on Sunday also. My child learnt a lot in one year. Now she is so confident can recite rhymes very confidently. Montessori Apparatus ha increased her concentration span & has developed a sense of order & responsibility"
    Vinod Malviya Nagar
    Mar 16,2014

    Helena loves her school, teachers and friends!
    (Parents of Helena Peterson from Panch Shila Park, Batch of 2006 -2007)

    Panchshila Montessori - the perfect initiation for our baby girl !
    The Panchshila Montessori School has indeed given Misha a strong platform as she steps up to the next level of education with a renowned private school in Delhi. Be it the expertise and skills of the teachers, the warm and loving attitude of the various caretakers, or the ever- smiling and helping staff - this school scores a perfect 10 / 10 on all points, and ticks off all the boxes in my list. Most importantly, the overall environment is a very positive one - which inspires children to come out of the protective family cocoons and learn social interaction with others.I attended this school three decades ago, and today,my daughter has had the unique opportunity to experience the same environs and atmosphere.
    All in all, this is a school, not only for children, but for generations - It's a shining jewel in the crown of the Panchshila Society.
    (Nitin and Pooja Singhal, Parents Of Misha Singhal, Batch of 2014 - 2015)

    Kartik had a very nice time at school. We were very happy and satisfied the way he has been groomed. Thank you very much. We wish the school to flourish in future and always.
    (Parents of Kartik Khanna from Hauz Khas, Batch of 2006 - 2007)

    Both my son and daughter have been a part of this school and have surely spent a time that they will remember for the rest of their lives.
    (Dr. Vidit Tripathi, parent, Batch of 2007 - 2008)

    We are very thankful to the school for educating and grooming our child. He has learnt to socialize well, is creative and helpful at home! It all reflects the training received in school. We look forward to our association with the school.
    (L. Srikant, parent, Batch of 2009 - 2010)

    Being from a foreign country, it was an awesome experience for Jayden as well as us to share our experiences with an Indian school. We, including Jayden, had a blast at Panchshila Montessori as it is more like a family school. Thanks a lot.
    (Ratish Singh, parent from Sarvodaya Enclave, Batch of 2009 - 2010)

    Here at Panchshila Montessori, every child is taken care of individually. I am really happy and content that my child studied here. All the functions and routine work were excellent. Thank you staff and teachers for your effort.
    (Shefali Uppal, parent from Panchsheel Enclave, Batch of 2009 - 2010)

    As parents we always want the best things for our kids. Admission in Panchshila Montessori was accidental in Riya's case. But day-by- day I saw Riya growing up in the supervision of her teacher. Dancing, colouring, mixing up with other kids, eating her food on her own, and there are a number of things which have improved a lot. Everyone in the staff were very good. The school has the ability to keep the child active throughout the day. Thank you very much.
    (Jaya Bajaj, mother of Riya Bajaj, Batch of 2010- 2011)

    Thank you very much for accepting my little one in your family in the middle of the session. He had a gala time and fully enjoyed the experience. He would narrate stories from his school and I believe you have aroused curiosity in him. As a father I feel elated.
    (Father of Shaan Kapoor from Panchshila Park, Batch of 2012- 2013)

    Wonderful journey of my twin daughters Sai and Gaitrii. I would like to thank academic and non academic staff of the school. The ambience is great. My daughters have learnt a lot. The staff have a compassionate approach towards the kids.
    (Mother of Sai & Gaitrii Sarkar from Asiad Village, Batch of 2014 -2015)

    Was a beautiful experience for my child and me. After adaptation, he bloomed into a very analytical and intelligent boy. All credits to everyone in the team. Thank you is not good enough a word.
    Dr. Deepti Vibha, Mother of Shaurya Bhatt, Batch of 2014-2015)

    A big thanks to the Principal and staff of this school for the excellent development of our child. I can assure all parents that their children are in good hands in this school. Thank you very much.
    (Mother of Aarna Behal from Saket, Batch of 2014- 2015)